Friday, December 3, 2010

Going To The Chapel...

Check out the lovely picture above courtesy of Gene Pease! A friend of mine recently got married, and used these lovely chalkboards for her table assignments. This window is a sister to A Blank Slate further down the page. So if you like what you see here, snag up that one before it's too late!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Evil Twin

This window is very similar to the Chalk One Up window below. They actually belong to the same family. So, if you wanna know more about it, read that post or shoot me an email.

Height: 2ft 3.5in
Width: 2ft 4in
Price: $50

The Works

Dude, this chalkboard is huge. I mean, seriously HUGE. This would work splendidly for a restaurant, business, or people with giant bare walls. It comes equipped with heavy picture wire for hanging, and it is as smooth as s.....omething really smooth.

Measurements coming soon.

Price: $100

He's Just A Lil' Guy - SOLD!

Ok ok, so this chalkboard is a little smaller, but that doesn't make it any less rad. This window is killer smooth, has original hardware, and will leave you with tingles all over your body.

(*Note: Baller record player not included)

Measurements to come.

Price: SOLD!!!!

A Blank Slate - SOLD

But really, I just couldn't think of anything witty to write on this one. This six paneled window includes the original hardware that adds a lot of personality and says, "HEY! Look at me! I'm unique!" Hung with heavy picture wire.

Measurements soon to come.

Price: $50

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chalk One Up

This window is one of my personal favorites. It's got these cool little bar latches on the side, a cool vintage look, and it has one huge space for chalky goodness just waiting for you. Like, you know when you wake up in the morning to discover that it JUST snowed and no one has frolicked in it yet so you quickly put on your snow gear and go roll around in it? No? neither...

Anyways, this window is really cool and I think you'll like it.

Height: 2ft 3.5in
Width: 2ft 4in
Price: $50

Best Week Ever - SOLD!

Spice up your normal boring weekly calendar with this wooden 8-paneled chalkboard window! Fill each panel with what you're plans are that day, what you wish your plans were, or make up things to impress your friends when they visit!

"You're going to P. Diddy's party in the Hamptons on Tuesday?! OMG where did you get this baller chalkboard?!" - Jealous friend

Yeah...that's exactly how it will go down.

Height: 1ft 8in
Width: 3ft 3in
Price: Sorry, y'all. This ones taken. Enjoy Laura!